Powder Coating Laveen


Are you searching the internet for “Powder Coating Laveen” while looking for powder coating services in your area? If so, STP Performance Coating can help. We offer high quality and affordable powder coating services to customers in Laveen, Arizona. Give us a call for a free powder coating quote.

Powder coating is a coating that is applied as a dry, free flowing powder. It is a high quality and durable finish that is found on a lot of products. STP Performance Coating will offer powder coating services in Laveen, Arizona as well as the surrounding areas.

We have over 200 different colors in stock and we can order in thousands more. We offer a variety of options like metal flakes, candies, textures, clear coat finishes, glossy, semi gloss and flat finishes available. We can accommodate and match every idea.

Powder Coating Laveen

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is literally a paint for the future. It is superior to liquid pants and basically every way. There are a lot of advantages in selecting powder coating over liquid paint:











We have small batch ovens that require high temperature cures, as well as three standard size cure ovens. Our 42-foot oven will give us the chance to process larger jobs with a short turnaround time. The line that we have has a multi-stage washer, which allows us to run both liquid and powder on the large line. Our system allows us to give our customers a lot of value.

Powder Coating Services Laveen

Here at STP Performance Coating, we will be your go to for powder coating in Laveen, Arizona. Powder coating is a better alternative to liquid paint. It is a spray on dry powder coating that works great on metal surfaces that normally have a lot of wear and tear. Whenever powder coating is done right, it can handle years of abuse.

We are powder coating experts that have years of experience in the industry

If you are looking for a durable powder coating for your car parts, then we will be glad to help. Automotive powder coating is a specialty. This is the type of process that man luxury and exotic car manufacturers use to create those nice finishes that you see on 300k Ferrari’s. Powder coating gives car enthusiasts the best paint jobs in the industry.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an improved and new type of metal painting as well as finishing process that has replaced wet painting when a durable paint is needed. For instance, rims on cars go through a lot of wear and tear and often need a stronger coating than is needed to paint your home which doesn’t really go through a lot of damage.

Powder coating is applied as a dry powder. The difference between a powder coating and liquid paint is that powder coatings do not need solvents to keep the filler and binder parts in a liquid form. The coating is sprayed on electrostatically and then cured with heat to allow a single covering.

The powder used in this process is a thermoset or thermoplastic polymer. It is normally used to create a hard finish that is tougher than regular paint. Powder coatings are normally used for coating metals which is great for a custom car shop.

Powder Coating Applications:

  • Bolts and nuts
  • Railings and fences
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Trailers
  • Light fixtures
  • Rims and wheels
  • Bicycle and motorcycle frames
  • Metal gates
  • Auto chassis and parts

Powder Coating Markets:

  • Automotive and off-road powder coating
  • Construction powder coating
  • Semi-conductor powder coating
  • Electronic powder coating
  • Medical powder coating
  • Military powder coating

It doesn’t matter if you are wanting your patio furniture to be able to stand the elements or simply working on a custom car, we can handle it all.

The Powder Coating Process

Powder coating truck, motorcycle, or car parts requires the item to be pretreated before it can be coated. The pretreatment is a mix of abrasive mechanical clean and chemical cleaning to be able to prepare the surface to be properly powder coated. Powder coating will come out best when the existing coating or rust have been removed.

What can be powder coated and what cannot be?

Powder coating will work best when applied to metal parts, weldments, and assemblies. Non-metallic things such as plastic, rubber, wood, ceramic, glass and fabric cannot be powder coated. Soldered parts cannot be coated because of the high temperatures that needed to cure to finish the coating.

Before Coating

Before the coating can happen, the parts are hung on a rack. This allows it to be completely coated without any issues. The application is done in a clean booth to keep out other powder colors or dust. The parts are then electrically grounded and then dry powder is sprayed on with a system that electrically charges the powder. Once the powder has been charged, it will naturally attract to the grounded part and then attaches itself to it.

After Coating

Once the part is coated with the powder, the part is removed and then placed in a curing oven. Once the part is heated, the powder becomes a gel and then flows evenly around the part to give it a smooth finish. Once the powder reaches the maximum curing temperature, a chemical reaction called cross linking happens. After the curing, the parts are then placed into cool air and put into service.

You should know that powder coating doesn’t work in every situation. For instance, if you are trying to match a certain paint color, it won’t work.

Schedule Powder Coating Services

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Our Company has been with STP, for approximately three (3) years. The professional customer service we receive from the STP Team has been truly exceptional. Their quality, quote, and quick response time are excellent, we will continue to use STP, as they have become a valued partner to our manufacturing and operations team.

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