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POWDER COATING is a type of coating that is applied as a free flowing, dry powder.  Powder coating is a high-quality durable finish found on thousands of products. 

With over 200+ powder coating colors in stock, and the ability to order thousands more, STP offers a variety of powder coating options including candies, textures, metal flakes, flat, semi-gloss, glossy, and clear-coat finishes available.  We can match and accommodate every idea.

Powder Coating

Wheel & Rims Powder Coating

Looking to powder coat your rims? Powder coating your rims makes them extra durable and looks great. You can pick nearly any powder coating color you like.

Engine Powder Coating

Want your engine to have a custom color? We offer powder coating for engine blocks, air intake piping, valve covers, fuel rails, timing covers, intercooler piping, battery trays and boxes.

Brake Caliper Powder Coating

Powder coating your brake calipers makes them look great and protects them from grime, grease and brake dust. This will also help protect your brake calipers from rust.

Motorcycle Powder Coating

Whether you are just looking to add an accent color or powder coat your entire motorcycle frame, STP Perform coating will provide a durable powder coating finish you desire.

Suspension Powder Coating

Powder coating suspension components on your car or truck will add extra protection and add some color. You can match the color of your rims and get rust protection at the same time.

Metal Powder Coating

We can powder coat just about anything that is made out of metal including: metal chairs, stair railings, signs, tables, bicycles, shelving and more.

Appliance Powder Coating

Appliance industries are benefiting from powder coating from the front panels, as well as the side panels on refrigerators, stoves, the washer tops and their lids, dryer drums, water heaters, cabinets, cavities in microwave ovens, dishwasher racks, and air-conditioning units. It seems that powder coating has even replaced porcelain enamel that is found on many of the washer and dryer parts.

Automotive Powder Coating

Even the automotive industries are using powder coating for wheels, hubcaps, bumpers, decorative trim, door handles, and truck beds, accent parts, filters, radiators, and a large number of engine parts. There has also been a topcoat of clear powder developed for the protection of automobile bodies, which are being used by BMW and Volvo's newer model car, including Ford, GM, and Chrysler, who has formed a consortium that tests the technique within their production lines.

Architecture/Building Power Coating

Architectural and building markets use powder coating for aluminum extrusions for frames of windows and doors, also on modular furniture. There are several different highway and building projects that also use powder coating on things such as guardrails, posts, signs, light poles, and fencing.

Powder Coating Everyday Products

With various everyday uses in the use of powder coating products, like antennas, electrical components, and lighting fixtures. Powder coating is also used on the tractors of farmers and some of their other equipment. It is being used on golf clubs and golf carts, as well as bindings, snowmobiles, exercise equipment, bicycles, and ski poles. The display racks in shops and stores has had a powder coating, so has their shelves, vending machines, and store fixtures. Other things that have powder coating used on them are computer cabinets metal furniture, thumbtacks, mechanical pens and pencils, among many more desk accessories. Baby strollers have it, cribs have it, and metal toys, and wagons have it too. There are too many to mention them all, such as snow blowers, lawn mowers, patio furniture, electronic components, toolboxes, fire extinguishers, bathroom scales, garden tools, and barbecue grills. All of these are benefiting from having a powder coating. Whether you want your patio furniture to stand up to the elements or are working on a custom car, STP Performance Coating can handle it all!

Why Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is the paint of the future.  It is superior to liquid paint in nearly every way.  There are several distinctive advantages in choosing powder coating over conventional liquid paint, including:











Professional Powder Coating Services In Phoenix

STP Performance Coating, LLC is your go to powder coating specialist in Phoenix Arizona. Powder coating is a better alternative to wet painting. Powder coating is a spray on dry powder coating application that works great on metal surfaces that receive a lot of wear and tear. Powder coating, when done properly, will handle years of abuse.

STP Performance Coating is a powder coating expert with years of experience in the industry.

Looking for durable powder coatings for your automotive parts? Our pleasure! Automotive powder coating is our specialty! This is also a process that all exotic and luxury car manufacturers use to create that durable finish you see on those 300k Ferrari's. Power coating offers automotive enthusiasts the best painted finish in the industry.

At STP we have small batch ovens that require high temperature cures, 3 standard size cure ovens our 42 foot oven gives us the ability to process large jobs with a short turnaround time. The line, which includes a multi stage washer, allows us to run both powder and liquid on the large line. Our system offers a great value to our customers. To schedule powder coating services give us a call today at (602) 276-1231.

Powder Coating Applications:

  • Auto Parts and Chassis
  • Metal Gates
  • Motorcycle and Bicycle Frames
  • Wheels & Rims
  • Light Fixtures
  • Trailers
  • Furniture Outdoors
  • Railings & Fences
  • Bolts & Nuts

Powder Coating Markets:

  • Military Power Coating
  • Medical Power Coating
  • Electronic Powder Coating
  • Semiconductor Power Coating
  • Construction Power Coating
  • Off-road & Automotive Power Coating

Whether you want your patio furniture to stand up to the elements or are working on a custom car, STP Performance Coating can handle it all!

What is Power Coating?

Power coating is a new and improved metal painting and finishing process that replaces wet painting when a more durable paint is required. For example, car rims go through a lot of wear and tear and need a stronger coating than you would need to paint the walls of your home which go through no wear and tear.

Power coating is applied as a dry powder. The difference between liquid painting and powder coating is that powder coating does not require solvents to keep the filler parts and binder parts in a liquid form. The coating is spray on electrostatically and cured with heat to allow a single skin covering.

The powder utilized in this process is a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. It is often used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is mainly used for coating of metals, which is perfect for the automotive custom car shop.

Powder Coating Benefits & Advantages

A more modern way to give a decorative and a protective finish to almost all types of metal being used by industries and consumers alike is called 'Powder Coating', which is an advanced method of applying a finish to a product. The powder used goes through a process of finely grounded up particles consisting of a mixture of pigment and resin, then it is electronically sprayed on the surface that is to be coated.

After the powdered particles are charged they will adhere to an electronically grounded surface up until the powder has been heated and then fused making it turn into a smooth coating while being cured in an oven. The end result turns out to be a durable, high quality, uniformed attractive finish.  Powder coating is a finishing technology, that is also the fastest growing finishing product in North America and now represents more than 10% of all finishing applications in industries today.

There are many advantages and benefits of powder coating, including.

More durable!

Powder coating is the most economical, being the longest lasting, and it gives the best quality finishes, that is also color durable for consumers, businesses, and even industries. It gives the best finish available on the market today. It makes surfaces more resistant to scratching, wearing, fading, and chipping, than any other finish out there.

The selections to choose from is virtually unlimited and has options of flat, gloss, satin, metallic,high gloss, clear, candies, fluorescent, iridescent, hammer tone, glitter, and wrinkle finishes available, and their colors continue to stay brighter and more vibrant much longer. The selections in texture are available anywhere from smooth surfaces to a wrinkled and/or matte finishes, with designs in rough textures as well, which are good for hiding those surfaces that have imperfections.

Powder coating helps to protect the environment:

Liquid finishes have solvents in them, which have pollutants in them, these are volatile organic compounds (VOC's), however, powder coating finishes does not have any solvents, and the amounts of volatile organic compounds released in our atmosphere, if at all, are negligible amounts, which takes away the need of finishers to have to continue purchasing, reducing the cost spent to maintain pollution control equipment.

Powder coating saves money!

If volatile organic compounds were eliminated and there was a reduced amount of waste it would save money, not to mention help out companies to economically and easily comply to the regulations given by the United States Department of Environmental Protection Agencies. Furthermore, it is because of the legislation's control over the implementation (for the past 30 years) on stringent air pollution that has been a major element in the broadening of powder coating finishes.

The Process Of Power Coating

Powder coating car parts, truck parts, or motorcycle parts requires pretreatment of the metal before it can be powder coated. The pretreatment is a mixture of chemical cleaning and abrasive mechanical cleaning in order to prepare the surface for proper powder coating. Powder coating applications come out the best when existing coatings or rust is removed before coating.

What Materials Can Be Powder Coated?

Powder coating works best when applied to assemblies, weldments, and metal parts.

What Materials Can't Be Powder Coated?

Non-metallics, fabric, glass, ceramic, wood, rubber, and plastic cannot be powder coated. Also, soldered parts cannot be powder coated because of the high temperature curing process needed to finish the coat.

Before Coating Process

Before the coating takes place, the auto parts get hung on racks. This allows for the part to be completely coated uniformly without disturbances. The application happens in a clean booth to keep out dust or other powder colors. The car parts are grounded electrically and then the dry powder is sprayed on  with a system that electrically charges powder particles. Once the powder is charged it is naturally attracts to the grounded part and attaches itself.

After Coating Process

After the automotive parts are  coated with dry powder, the parts are then moved to a curing oven. As the part is heated, the powder turns into a gel and then flows evenly all around the part to create a smooth finish. As the powder coating reaches its maximum curing temperature, cross linking (a chemical reaction) takes place. After curing the parts are then moved into cool ambient air and put into service.

Please note, powder coating does not work for every situation. For example, if you are trying to match paint colors, powder coating will not work.

To find out if powder coating will work for your application or to get in touch with us, please reach out to our powder coating team in Phoenix @ (602) 276-1231.


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